Namaste India

CHANNELS: Zee tv india & international
DURATION: 1/2 hour
YEAR: 1995-1996
Concept, Format & Treatment Design, Series Director, Visualizing of Photography, Post Production, Research and Script

Anu made a mark in the world of television with Namaste India – India’s first travel show. This multiple award winning show entranced viewers with the incredible beauty, culture and historical heritage of India. Fabulous visuals, interesting scripts and wonderful anchor experiences made Namaste India a classic which was rerun on Zee for over 10 years, in India and Internationally and also translated into a dozen languages and sold by Zee across the globe.

Anu created another masterpiece on travel in India, which showcased exotic destinations for exciting holiday options. India’s first reality show, with its stylized story telling, allowed viewers to experience a multiple of amazing holiday options never seen before. Indian Holiday has been on re-run on Sony in India and Internationally for the past 10 years.

Anu showcased various lesser-known facets of exotic India in a magazine format of three stories per episode in India Magic. A visually stunning series, it captured the unique environment, biodiversity and rich cultural heritage of India including exotic journeys to lesser-known destinations in India.