Hue – Borne – Anu Malhotra’s Debut Show

YEAR: 2014

A multi hyphenate creative; filmmaking, photography, design & painting. Anu intends to straddle these spheres whilst continuing to explore other areas of interest.

“An intermittent painter in the early years, she’s given herself over to the power of painting for the last few years. Using an unconventional palette, the self-taught artist has created an interesting technique of layering colours to create landscapes and still-lifes that burst with colours. A bold experimentalist, she uses strong tones with rare confidence to create works that are replete with vigour and vitality. Adrenalin courses through her canvases, as though capturing the essence of her life’s experiences. Her restless spirit finds a reflection in her paintings…and yet is difficult to pin down – a chimera moment, perhaps a cameo that provides a seductive glimpse before closing the doors on her world where the weak and anaemic has no place”. – By Kishore Singh