Hue – Borne – Anu Malhotra’s Debut Show

YEAR: 2014

Anu Malhotra is one of India’s most acclaimed filmmakers, having won over 18 National and 1 International award for her insightful documentaries, trend setting television programming and revolutionary awareness campaigns.


Of late, Anu has established herself as an artist of repute, exhibiting her vibrant paintings in several solo shows, group shows and Art Fairs in India and abroad, from 2014 onwards.


Anu’s impressive paintings are impressionistic abstractions in an innovative style. She pours paint, layer by layer, giving her canvases a physicality that is primal, and almost sculptural.


Anu draws her inspiration from the natural world and her travels in India. Her style is spontaneous and instinctive and her canvases have a physicality that is primal, and almost sculptural. Her art emanates energy, joy and exuberance.


Anu is going to showcase her first foray into art installation, with wood sculpture, inspired from tribal art forms. Her intense engagement with the sacred geography of tribal societies and shamanic traditions in India and abroad has inspired this collection. The significance of these objects comes from the evocation of their embeddness and re-mooring in the contemporary.


“If a painting was a hormone, hers would be pure testosterone. The heart beats faster, there is a rush of blood to the head, of adrenalin to the heart. These are works of mighty seduction. They stimulate the senses, inflame them. They are symbols of a grand passion. “

 Kishore Singh
Curator & Art Critic