Flow Dreams


A multi-faceted personality- documentary filmmaker, writer, photographer and, now, artist-Anu Malhotra has developed a distinctive technique of painting. She pours colours on to canvas, tilting it at diverse angles to allow the hues to collide, merge and flow, thus forming shapes and patterns, creating contexts that can be interpreted in a myriad ways.

Her style is spontaneous and instinctive. She does not work from pre-conceived thumbnails or sketches, but allows each creation to flow through intuitively, creating abstract designs and styles. Each work, is therefore, unique… and cannot be replicated.

Her art reflects the flow of a lived life, with its imperfections and raw appeal. She refrains from “finishing” paintings, leaving them primal and bursting with energy.

Her inspiration is drawn from the natural world and her travels in India:- “the azure blue of Ladakhi skies, the monsoon greens of Goa, the joyous yellow of amaltas trees in Delhi, Kashmiri shikaras laden with jewel like blooms, fluorescent Rajasthani odhnis, Kathakali painted faces, multicolor Himachali pattus, underwater colored fish in Lakshadweep….”