Breakfast with Zee

YEAR: 2000-2001
Concept, Format & Treatment Design, Set Design, Creative Director

Anu designed this daily 1 hour show as an alternative to other breakfast shows, which being mostly about news were dull, dreary and depressing!

Breakfast with Zee was on the other hand, a bright, vibrant and fun show – generating energy, laughter and a good mood, while being entertaining.

This show contained an entire range of ‘life style’ and ‘entertainment’ features like trends, Bollywood ‘gushup’, celebrity interviews, “what’s new, what’s not”, fashion, food, fitness, travel, inspirational stories, with many of comic, whacky and fun elements and attitude

The anchors brought in the fun and masti element and generated a great deal of laughter and cheering along with the 2 dozen ‘houseguests’ to create a bright and energized mood for the day.

Anu designed and created an innovative format with a large chunk of Breakfast with Zee being shot live in a huge and fabulous 360 set, which she designed and decorated herself.