Holistic Healing

CHANNELS: SABC(south africa), ERT-photoplay (greece), ananey communications(Israel), planet tv(poland)
YEAR: 2002-2004
Concept, Format & Treatment Design, Creative and Series Director.

Sometimes, to leap forward, you need to take a few steps back.

‘Holistic healing – ancient secrets’ is a series that catalogues traditional healing practices in India. It reveals how natural life forces around us can be harnessed to heal us holistically – mind body and soul.

Extensively researched, the series brings together stories from different parts of India, woven together in four engaging sections: –

Natures Touch: looks at natural healing and reveals some ancient Indian secrets like ayurveda, herbal healing, naturopathy, marmachikitsa, et.al.

Soul Therapy: offers insights into the spiritual realm with stories on different forms of meditation, mantras, pranic and reiki healing, crystals and music therapy, et.al.

New Age Mantras: Focuses on emerging healing trends and practices like magnet and aroma therapy, sound and colour therapy, pyramid and vaastu therapy, et.al.

Heal Yourself: Assorted holistic healing practices with a “do it yourself” slant are presented -from energy clothes and architecture to organic farming and home beauty remedies, et.al.