The Konyak of Nagaland

CHANNELS: Discovery, France 5
FORMAT: Digibeta
YEAR: 2002-2007
Producer, Director, Post Production, Visualizing of Photography, Research & Script

The Konyak of Nagaland – presents a rare insight into the lives of the Konyaks, who were feared as headhunters, until not so long ago. Through an experiential exploration, Anu Malhotra attempts to understand the unique qualities of the Konyak culture like the tradition of headhunting, cult of fertility, tribal councils and the wisdom of their customary way of life.


The highlight of the film is the Konyak annual spring festival, ‘Aoling’, with all its vibrant energy and colour, when the Konyak actively re-enact their “glory days” with rituals, headhunting dances, animal sacrifices and feasting.


This exceptional documentary with its stunning visuals and informative narrative presents an insightful overview of a unique community with images of possibly the last generations of “actual” headhunters.


India Habitat Center, New Delhi