Tribal Wisdom

CHANNELS: discovery channels, international, france5, al jazeera, twin rambler, tung Hoa
DURATION: 1hour x 7
YEAR: 2002-2006
Concept, Format & Treatment Design, Creative and Series Director.
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Tribal Wisdom documents the unique culture and the intrinsic wisdom reflected in the customary lifestyle of various isolated tribes of India.

In a rare coverage of these indigenous people, these films present an experiential exploration of their sustainable lifestyle, social fabric, vibrant culture and unique traditions by the director/ correspondent, who closely interacts with these tribes.

The narrative is simple and emotive, communicating the importance of these indigenous tribes in that – “it is only them who may show the ‘civilized’ that there is no way of life, which may exclusively be called ‘right’ ”.

These films hold urgent relevance as the lives of these indigenous people are in the throes of huge transitions and living traditions along with wisdom of past generations are fading with new generations becoming more aligned with contemporary India.